What a day. Started with a war of wills with the 5-year-old, getting locked out of the house only to be rescued by the amazing Lori and then a dentist appointment. The appointment was the first in over a year because of the move and money and timing. Damn my teeth hurt and Monday’s officially […]

No new house yet

Well, the offer we put in on the house was a bust. We will keep looking and in the meantime hope this guy comes around to reality. In the meantime, I’m putting in as many hours as possible at work, enjoying the fact that my car is paid off so one less bill to pay […]

New opportunities?

Well, here goes nothing – job applications are going in. I like the job I have now, but it’s not paying the bills so I have to find something with more hours. Fingers are crossed – I really do not want to go back to bar tending. As fun as it is, I’m getting too […]


Well, the offer we put in on the house got rejected totally. No counter. This guy realized there’s interest in the place so he’s holding tight even though the roof is not to code, the HVAC isn’t working and the kitchen cabinets need to be totally redone because whoever did them botched them up and […]