Stink bugs. Hundreds of them outside and a few finding their way in the house and all together grossing me out. We have this window above the front door and I happen to look over and there’s about 20 of the boogers just crawling all over it with baby stink bugs thrown in just for added fun. Add those to the tent worms wreaking havoc on our stairwell, car and trees, the end of summer 2013 has been pretty annoying.

My husband is about to lose his mind with the persistent webs and tiny worms falling on you. The girls are totally enthralled with them and that’s irking him because they want to hold them and bring them with them in the car. However,  they are slowly catching on that killing them is better than loving them. YAY!! We’re creating killing machines. We’re so proud.

I’m so, so very glad to have left the dry, brown, hot desert of northwest Arizona, but I’m thinking it’s better than constant booby traps just getting out your front door. At least for now. We have the dawn dish soap, vinegar and water solution in a spray bottle on standby to kill those little freaks of nature.

Okay – rant over, now off to finish some wedding invites. That should put me in a more loving mood.

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