What a fun night and crazy morning!

What a week it’s been. First it was a short week due to the holiday on Monday, no complaints there, then we were down to one car after Thursday night so mine could get fixed. Damn inspections and the unscrupulous mechanics. So Friday morning, I’m up at 6am, out the door with both kids and the hubby to drop off Mad at daycare and Sean at work in Haymarket and then get home and get Crandallkid 2 on the bus. We got home with 5 minutes to breathe and then we were headed to the bus. Get to work at 9am, off at 3 to meet the school bus and then pick up Mad and be home by 4:30. We barely made it, but got here to meet the sitter and then I flew out the door for Maroon 5 & Kelly Clarkson at Jiffy Lube in Bristow, VA! Have I mentioned I love living where I’m living now? So close to stuff – we only live about 11 miles from the venue. Have I mentioned I hate only having 1 car at times? But it all worked out!

the program. great marketing piece!

the program. great marketing piece!

the ticket!

the ticket!

Kelly was amazing and I was just as excited to see her as I was Maroon 5. We got lawn seats and it was the most perfect weather. Seriously fun! Maroon 5 opened with a fast song and never slowed down. They did 3 more songs at Encore. YAY! So we sit tight in our rented for cheap lawn chairs and wait for the crowd to die down, why rush to wait? Finally the cops come around and kick us all out. We were really only chilling out for about 15 minutes or so. Others were doing the same thing, great minds think alike. The cops were all pretty cool about it. So down the million stairs we go to leave the lawn area and get in our car and only wait about 20 minutes if that to leave the parking lot. Remind me to pay for premiere parking again. SO.WORTH.IT.

rough life indeed.

rough life indeed.

Sean and I just hanging out.

Sean and I just hanging out before the big show!

rental chairs - cheaper than buying the suckers.

rental chairs – cheaper than buying the suckers.

the stairs to the lawn section. major workout!

the stairs to the lawn section. major workout!

So we finally get home about 11:50pm. Not bad at all for a couple old fogies. 🙂 I had fully intended to work on my freelance work but just could not keep my eyes open so off I went to dreamland, where hubby had been for the last hour next to me on the couch snoring away only to be rudely awaked at 6am by two children who shall remain unnamed to protect the guilty, and have been going ever since.

So now we get to the crazy part. Wait you say, didn’t enough happen this week? Oh no I say, so much more has happened. We put an offer in on a house. Yes, a house. After years of renting we’ve finally completely lost our minds and decided we wanted one of our own. Should be interesting and now we’re just waiting to hear back from the seller if he likes or dislikes our offer. I’m excited and scared to death all at the same time!

Stay posted…

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