What a week it was and I’m glad it’s over.

So this week has been challenging to say the least. We had a fire in the kitchen over the weekend, a rained out baseball game that was still kinda fun, a meltdown on the subway due to lack of sleep on the kids part and just basically madness was to be had all around.

Monday was a joy with locking myself out of my house and car and a dentist appointment. Do I know how to make a day awesome or what?

I worked all week, which is good, but it felt like I got nothing accomplished. Every time I think I finish something, it lands back on my desk. It’s exhausting. I’ve also been applying for jobs. I have to find something to keep the bills paid. The one I have is great, but nowhere near enough hours to keep us fed.

It has been a week of battles with children as well and the kicker was this morning with the oldest. Just in case it wasn’t known to all, it is now, I am a stupid mommy and at 8am it was announced to the entire complex as well as a pot thrown and broken on the landing. Awesome way to start a morning and all because of an outfit choice and not being able to talk to grandma on the phone.

So I gladly bid adieu to this week. Kids are watching a movie, a pizza is on it’s way and a glass of wine is waiting for me to toast an end to the week and a start to the weekend.


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