Hello stranger.

It appears I’ve been neglecting my newfound blog and for that I apologize. A lot has happened over the last few months and I’ve just been trying to keep my head above water. Have I been able to? Yes and no!

We bought a house! It finally happened and it’s still surreal, but it’s ours and we have been having fun putting our touches on it. We’ve been going crazy with the paint colors, but not as crazy as the previous owners. EEK! Lots of lime green, seafoam green, peach and some version of green I’m still not sure of. Pistachio maybe? Anyway, most of that is gone and replaced with more Crandall friendly colors.

Then, just to add to the chaos, we got a dog. Not just a dog either, a 4 month old pitt terrier mix. She’s amazing, but can be a spaz but she’s cute and we love her. We got her at the Fauquier County SPCA and her name is Zailey. It took Mad a while to get used to her but she’s game now. Lorelai was instantly sold.

Zailey Crandall, the lastest addition to our family.

Zailey Crandall, the lastest addition to our family.



First vet visit

Just looking cute!

Next on the agenda is getting some stuff fixed around the house and finding a few more hours at work, or another part-time job to help with finances. It’s so odd not having a full-time job, but having flexibility with the kids is brilliant.

So this was a quick review of the happenings in our household. I hope to be better on my postings and getting more regular on them as well. Here goes nothing!

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