Super Bowl Sunday is here…

… but since our team isn’t in it, we’re just watching for fun and the commercials. Sean will make his wings and all will be right with the world. Better luck next year Steelers!

Tried something fun yesterday and got some purple put into my hair. I love it. Lorelai wants one now. Anyone think almost 6 is too young to color hair, even just a strip? I didn’t touch mine until I was 31!

I'll show you flair!

I’ll show you flair!

Last night was our monthly “meeting of the minds” as we call it but most know it as wine night! Scored a favorite wine on sale so that was a nice splurge and had a great time with good friends. Who knew Bill was such an incredible cook. I can still taste those potatoes. Yum!

The wine selection for the night. We made it through 3 bottles.

The wine selection for the night. We made it through 3 bottles.

Today has been weird. It’s been quiet and I know the girls are sleep deprived but refuse to sleep. I did manage to get Mad to sleep again this morning and that has helped the attitude on one of them. The older one, not so much. Hit up Wegmans and they were really good, but holy smokes, everyone was there. Hello – get your food fest shopping done the day BEFORE please so those of use just needing the essentials for the week ahead can get in/out without fear of doing bodily harm to someone.

It’s absolutely gorgeous out side but it’s supposed to change. I LOVE the weather right now, it’s 50 degrees and sunny. Tonight is a different story but I’m holding my breath hoping there isn’t a snow day tomorrow. They call them at the drop of a hat here. The first 2 were fun but this would be #10 and it’s getting old. Funny, I remember snow days being so much cooler when I was younger. Oh yeah, I was a kid! Totally different take now that I’m a parent. They are a pain in the butt. Kids were supposed to have their 100 day party at school tomorrow but that’s been postponed until Feb. 11. Hopefully this amazing sunset from last night is a prelude to beautiful weather to come.

Virginia sunset

Virginia sunset

The dog managed to stay a member of the family this week! We got her a new toy that is supposed to help get some of her aggression out because with the way the weather has been, she’s gotten cabin fever too.

Well, I’m sure I’ve bored you enough at this point, but thanks for sticking through. This week certainly has been nuts and I’m hoping next week is a bit smoother but knowing us, that’s not gonna happen. Oh well, the adventures continue…

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