Yet another snow day.

Yes, they called school AGAIN for what has to be snow day number 12 or 13 for the year. This is crazy. The kids are bored already and it’s only 8:08am and the spouse, who is a teacher and got the day off as well, is already losing his mind. There’s not enough snow out there yet to build a snowman but we will get them out there hopefully within the next couple hours. Either that or we will be watching clip after clip after clip of Let it Go on YouTube.

The County is also closed due to weather, so no work for me today. These are days I miss being a salaried employee as I don’t get paid for these days off and it sucks but what are you going to do? Write on your blog I guess!

NEWSFLASH: The oldest just got sent to her room for the second time already this morning. I swear she lives in there but it’s not catching on. Seriously parents with kids older than 5 out there, does it get better? Please tell me it gets better. Please? With a cherry on top?

Yes, I’m procrastinating going upstairs to help out, and I do have a lot of computer work to catch up on, but I better get up there now or risk being exiled. Wait, would that be bad? Okay, here we go…


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