August is a different as an adult with kids

My birthday always marked the official end of summer as it falls on August 31. Just a few days later, thanks to the Labor Day holiday, school would start. I always loved the start of school. Everything was new, fresh starts, new dreams and it was exciting! 

Once schooling was done and jobs started, the end of August was just another time of the year. 

Today, it’s becoming that exciting time again, but in different ways. I get to experience it through the eyes of my first grader. Her excitement with her new backpack and her obsession with putting pins on her backpack, regardless of what they say, cutting off her hair after letting it grow all summer and just because we could, dying portions of it purple to start the new year. 

Purple stripes blended in. She loved it!

Purple stripes blended in. She loved it

Little sister of course needed some too!

Little sister of course needed some too!












Okay, I’ll admit it, the real reason I love it, is that school is finally starting back up! The kids are climbing the walls with boredom, we are out of money, patience and sanity and it’s just simply time to send them off to learn something new.

School for my daughter starts mid-August so we are in our routine by the time my husband starts back after Labor day. It always feels so good to get back into our routines and my oldest needs it, and it’s something I have to work at. She’s very type A!

I am so very fortunate that my child doesn’t fight going to school. So far. She is eager and so independent. I love that. It does make me a bit unsure what to do around people that do everything for their kids though because I just don’t. She won’t let me anyway! I’m cool with that. I’m there when she needs me and that’s what counts.

My post is short tonight as one of my goals this Fall is to get into my writing more and expanding my skills, since you can probably tell, they need work.

That’s okay, it’s a new school year, fresh starts and new dreams…

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