Classy, Sassy & A Bit Smart Assy


So it appears I haven’t posted in a very long time. I’ve missed it, but apparently not enough to check back sooner. I plan on changing that, along with many other things 2016.

2015 was a year of turmoil. It started with turning 39, while not life altering, still a little jolting, I will admit. A couple weeks after that, we got a small dog, Jax, as a playmate for Zailey and the two, despite their 50 pound weight difference, had a ball together.  About three weeks after that, our beautiful dog, Zailey was hit by a car as the girls watched and we had to put her down later that night. Broke our hearts. I’ve never been a dog person, but Z was one in a million and even though we only had a couple years with her, it was a blast. Pain in the ass that she was.

IMG_9660  IMG_9659  IMG_9674  IMG_9720 IMG_9711  IMG_9648  IMG_9855  IMG_1332

And then about 2 weeks later, our lives were turned upside down when my husband and I decided to separate per his request. We are on the mend now, but we did announce to the public that we were done and would invest our time on our kids. At the time, that was it, that was what was happening. However, with time, and counseling, we’ve started the path back. We are both different people because of this, but I think that’s for the best. We can do nothing more than learn from it now and that we are doing. The kids are rockstars during all this, even though it has to be confusing as hell, especially since we are in the same house still. Can’t afford 2 places so have to make it work, which we have been.

Sadly, other relationships have been damaged in the process and I’m very sad about that. On the flipside, others have become stronger and for that I’m so very grateful. Unfortunately, it had to come to this to get there, but everything happens for a reason, eh?

Kids, work, financial stresses and life in general took their toll on our relationship and we are determined to get back on the same page. Each week it’s better. We’ve even started dating each other again, which we haven’t been doing. Seriously, life just took over and we got lost. Sucks, but it happened.

So anyway, that’s been life over the last few months or so and I’ll try and be more diligent in keeping this up to date. You might not be interested, but it helps me get my thoughts out.

However, I’m going to live my life by the saying on my coffee mug. Classy, Sassy & a Bit Smart Assy! Seems like a good way to journey through life.

Bring it on 2016!

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