I just don’t understand.

I don’t understand how someone can be so hateful toward another just because of their race, gender or sexual identity. How does what someone else does or looks like affect you so much that you have to spew racial slurs or deny rights to someone just based on looks or beliefs? What makes you so much more “enlightened” than your neighbor? The best people I have ever met, have been those that have been through the most trials and tribulations. The ones that just seem to get it and treat others with respect no matter what. They were raised right and I’m proud to say that I was raised to see the good in others and to not judge. That all are equal. If you treat me like dirt, well then my judgement and corresponding treatment of you is justified but otherwise, why not just let people live their lives as they want as long as it doesn’t affect you? The intense disrespect our President gets from those in the House & Senate is disgusting. So you don’t like him personally? Fine. But treat the man with respect. One, he’s your boss. Two, he’s the leader of the country. It’s a no brainer. You respect the office and you respect the people who live in this country.  Seems simple enough. I just don’t understand.

I don’t understand organized religion. I’m a proud agnostic. I’m more spiritual than religious. Organized religion, in my observation, brings misery and death to so many. It breeds intolerance, not tolerance, which is ironic since if you do believe, Jesus was profoundly tolerant. Instead, those handing out the most injustice through the limitations of women’s rights, gay rights and well, any rights they don’t agree with, are the first to hide behind their “Christian” values. GOD did not give us the right to bear arms or stand with Liberty and Justice for all, a few old white guys in office decided to change the wording to fit their needs. If you want to practice organized religion, by all means, go for it. If it brings you peace or strength, I’m happy for you. It’s your life. I just ask that you don’t make me practice it or push it on me or try to tell me I’m going to hell because I don’t believe. That’s not right. Our lives are our lives to live as we wish. Aren’t they? I just don’t understand.


I don’t understand the attack on women in today’s society. How far back to the stone age do those in “power” want us to fall back? Are they threatened by us? Our brains, our strength, our courage? I will never, ever, ever understand Phyllis Schlafly and her utter disrespect for women and her destruction of the ERA. Feminism is more than GIRL POWER, it’s about equal pay, equal rights and just plain respect from others. Not all feminists hate men, and those that do, in my opinion, do more damage than good. In my mind, naive as it may be, feminism is about standing up for yourself and your rights. We are all equal. I don’t understand how a woman, in this day and age, can vote conservative, given their platform on women’s rights at the moment. I just don’t understand.


I don’t understand how to explain to my daughters what is happening in this world and to their rights. I am grateful they are still so young, so hopefully a lot of this mindset will be dead and gone by the time they have to experience it. And no, I’m not simple enough to believe that it’ll go away, I just mean those in the house and senate that are trying to make these laws and continuously fight to take women’s rights away, will start to die out. What I wouldn’t give for term limits in the house/senate right now. I hope and wish that my girls grow up strong and wise and sure of themselves and I will do my best to provide them with that foundation, but it’s an uphill battle for sure that I wish they, all these years later after women fought for the right to vote and equal pay and abortion rights, that they have a chance and a say in their future. Why it’s still an issue is a mystery to me. I just don’t understand.

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