You have your beliefs. I have mine. Can we agree to disagree? I guess not.


Maybe I’m naive, but shouldn’t people just let people live as they wish? Okay, I’m naive. Or stubborn because I won’t give up this dream. Who knows. Either way, I’m beyond annoyed, I’m pissed.

To many that know me, it’s not a secret that I don’t believe in organized religion. It does nothing for me and I simply can’t comprehend leaving something up a God in a book. However, this does NOT mean that I don’t respect your belief in it. I have some really good friends who are very religious and it doesn’t bother me in the least. In fact, up to age 12 I was raised going to church, was married in a church and even tried going for a while. I met great people along the way. What I don’t respect, and never will respect, is you pushing your beliefs, knowing full well, what mine are, onto mt kids when I am not around. That is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If you are bent on converting me to your way of thinking, go through me, not my children. It’s not acceptable behavior.

Why am I so upset? Why am I writing this? I feel I have to. I feel I have to, yet again, make it clear to so many, that I am Agnostic. I like to think there is something out there, but I don’t know what, but I simply don’t believe in organized religion. Why you ask? It’s a personal feeling. Religion has brought much more suffering than necessary to this world from the early ages on. Fast forward to present day and women’s rights are being ripped away, or fought against desperately, by those that do nothing but “quote” the bible, because it’s against their beliefs to allow women certain rights to their own body. How is that okay to any female out there? I mean seriously? That’s just one issue. I’m terrified for my girls. But that’s another blog. I find myself on the cusp of the bible belt where I live and it’s an interesting balancing act to not offend someone out here. This country wasn’t founded on religion. It gives freedom of it to us. We can worship as we see fit, without persecution. That’s the part that often gets forgotten. Without persecution.

So why am I here? Well, yesterday, I my child went over to play with her friend and she comes home with a bible. WTH? Who does this? Especially since I have talked to this mom about our wishes and she agreed to disagree and respect our wishes. It seems that is not the case as this isn’t the first offense.

It started off innocently enough, by my daughter coming home and saying that her friends mom said she should join them at church. That she could spend Saturday night and go with them on Sunday. While I was not amused that she would go through my kid instead of me, I let it slide. I brushed off the next issue, or rather, non-issue, since I knew they were going to a youth group night and I had no problem with the girls going because it was going to be a fun night out for them. And the mom asked me if it was okay first before going. Pizza, kids & fun and a little exposure. I’m okay with that. What I am not okay with is the mom then saying, you should come with us every Saturday or come with us to church. Can you ask your mom if you can come to church with us. Um… no.

Our daughter asked us the other day as we were driving if it was okay that she liked science because she was told liking science would make Jesus mad. WHAT? Sean and I were speechless. Who would say that? It was a different adult, different church, saying it through my daughters friend. My poor kid was so upset that she was making someone mad, someone that in our eyes, maybe not yours, but certainly ours, is not real. Why would you do this to someone, especially a child? Cause them distress? Makes me sick. It’s also one of the big reasons organized religion and myself do not get along.

To me, living a good life, being kind to others, letting others have their own beliefs, sexual orientations, or whatever they wish, and just going about my day, is what makes a good person. By learning new things, exploring, asking questions, challenging the status quo, finding your own way, that is what makes life exciting and worth the fight.

If finding your own way means that you’ve found a church community that makes you feel happy and fulfilled, I’m happy for you, I really, truly, am. If it means that because you found one, everyone should be there too and you feel you need to preach at me at every turn and/or recruit through my kids, shame on you. I’m not telling your child that she shouldn’t believe in God, I would NEVER do that, #1 not my place and #2 it’s just plain wrong. Those are my beliefs, not hers or her parents. By telling her she is wrong to believe such a thing is unethical and just plain cruel.

We get a lot of flack for our beliefs (or in many eyes, non-beliefs), but they are ours. Our kids are growing up to be kind, compassionate, hard working, open minded and smart members of society. They do not need Jesus, or the bible, to do this. I don’t go around to everyone telling them are crazy for believing in God and going to church and tithing. Why would I? Honestly, if it makes you happy, go for it. But please have the same respect for me and my family.

And for the sake of decency, STOP trying to use my kids to further your own agenda.

One thought on “You have your beliefs. I have mine. Can we agree to disagree? I guess not.

  1. I was in a somewhat similar situation as you a few years ago. My son was in 6th grade and his friends had attended a club at school called “Five Star Life”. I reviewed it and it was run by a Christian org. I found this was a good time to give my son some information on religious organizations. That sometimes they will use “Fun” to try to lure him into their religion.
    The following year, he received an invitation to “Wylde Life”, another “fun” religious pizza and ice cream party thing. He wanted to go and my wife specifically told the woman running it that WE are in charge of teaching him about religion…. the next year he was invited again but this time they prayed afterwards.

    As mentioned above, after the “Five Star” incident, we really focused on teaching my son about different religions. That right now they want to lure him into their belief by mixing it up with “fun” activities. I also started giving him different scenarios about religion.. What the atheist would think, what the Christian would think..etc. We learned about World Religions together and he knew this was for education and that he is free to make his choice when he gets older but that he shouldn’t be swayed by other people trying to fill his head with nonsense.

    If you have already talked to the parent and requested they not involve your child with religion, I would bring the bible back to them and ask them what they didn’t understand about your request…


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