I am unfinished.

via Daily Prompt: Unfinished

Unfinished. What a powerful word.

My life changed when I got married and I thought that my life was starting, and for a while it was. Fast forward 14 years, 2 cross country moves, 2 kids, 3 dogs, a cat, a dozen or so fish later, 3 jobs and 2 milestone birthdays and sadly, that chapter is closing. It is finished.



It’s not awesome, but it’s not horrible either. Nobody truly likes to close a chapter and be done. We have kids, so that chapter in my life only remains unfinished in the sense that the marriage is over, but the parenting element is alive and well and if my girls are anything like me, they will make sure that my job as a mom is never finished. The chapter of him and I, however,  of hopes and dreams of a life together as a couple are finished and with that ending, I become someone new and far from finished, I’m alive and raw and hopeful and scared, responsible, irresponsible, caring, fair, and proud and excited of who I am becoming. I am unfinished.




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