I’m more than ready for this, well, most of it.

340606_2681636767560_253894517_oOkay, so I’m a little behind in posting this, but better late than never! I got busy and forgot it was in my draft folder ready to go. Somedays I think if my head weren’t attached, I forget that too!

Five years ago, I sat on my bed with this brand new creature in my arms and I was freaking out. Big time. She was my second child, so I wasn’t freaking out about raising her, I was already screwing up the first one, the second time around it’s cake, but rather, how were we going to afford to raise her? Daycare for 2 kids is expensive and we didn’t make a lot, but got by. But having two in full-time care was going to be a hardship.

Well, with an amazing support system of friends and family, we did it. And now, finally, the day we’ve been waiting for is upon us. 

For Crandall Kid 2, that is.

first day of kindergarten little hands on backpack strap

Every parent is different, so I mean no disrespect, but I am not one that cries when their kid goes to school. I’m happy! One, my bank account is a little happier and I can afford to finally pay some bills off, tw0, it’s part of life. They are getting bigger, although I told both of them that they need to slow down the growing up just a bit. Sigh… And three, this is their time. Their time to learn, make new friends, grow, explore and figure out who they are and it’s flat our fascinating to watch.

I have girls, which means emotions run really high at our house and I’m dreading the tween years big time, but hey, I’m stocking up on wine right now, so it’s all good. I’m dreading the drama (which if what I have experienced in the last fews months is any indication of what’s to come, I’m doomed.

Until then, happy parents unite! School has started, a new year has begun and it’s time to enjoy watching them explore and experience life.

Good luck to all!


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