Art, expression & my kid

I’m so very proud of my oldest. At the ripe old age of 8, she came home with her first piece of art, done at school in art class & without our knowledge of the project, with a note saying it was inappropriate.

Now some have accused us of fostering violence with our praise of this image. We took it as she was working with Halloween imagery and this just came from that.

Maybe it’s her intense hatred of the subject, and we do side with her there.

Maybe she was just trying to express her feelings on this whole election. Her first one being an observer with an opinion. And boy does she have her opinions.

Maybe she just, in her juvenile 8 year old mind, thought it was funny.

Whatever her thought process was, she created something expressive. And like all good art, it often starts conversations.

And for the record, we found out it was offensive due to the politics. Seriously? Third grade people. Let them think for themselves a little.

Judge for yourself and let me know your thoughts.

Poster of Donald stump at debate with sniffles and holding his head

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