It’s been quiet at my house lately. How is this possible with 2 dogs and 2 young kids running around, especially with Halloween thrown in the mix? Easy. I shut off the TV. I don’t mean Netflix, because honestly, I have a slight addiction to a couple shows, but cable TV. It’s nothing but madness. Anger, hatred, violence, materialism and fakeness. Is that even a word? Too bad, I’m using it.

I just realized today that I have not watched regular TV in about 6 days and I don’t miss it. My quiet mornings are now mine. If I want the weather, I can look it up. If I really want to know what’s going on in the world, I can look it up. But I’m not starting my day this way. Not anymore.

I’ve been talking more, having conversations that push me to my limits and frustrate me beyond belief, but it’s making me think outside the box, see other sides of the issue. I’m given the chance to work through my argument, which can be difficult, but it gets done and without this feeling of pressure to get it out. Sometimes I have issues processing and correctly phrasing what I need to say so this acceptance & support is so very welcomed. Despite my cries of irritation during the process. Cause let’s be honest, this is me we are talking about.

Without the TV on, news is gone. The constant onslaught of this horrid election and general madness that the world is in right now. I’m calmer in the mornings without the stress. My kids are not watching it either as it was affecting them. No news on at night either. It’s just useless to be honest and doesn’t do anyone any good.

Now for those of you saying, well, you can’t shelter your kids, give it a rest. My kids are far from sheltered. If anything, they needed this break. My oldest is a bit too involved in this election and she’s only 8! I love the passion, but hate the stress and fear that this election is bringing her. She does not need to be dealing with that at such a young age.

Without TV, materialism diminishes to some extent. The “I have to keep up with the Jones” is lessened. Especially for the kids. Less toy commercials, less, “I want, I want, I want.” They are always going to want something, they are kids, but I’m unable and unwilling to give them everything they want or desire that is material. I won’t feel guilty about that either. Without the ads interrupting every 10 minutes or so, there’s peace. They can focus on the movie or story they are watching. Less stress all around.

As I mentioned earlier, I have a slight Netflix addiction. I find it relaxing to be able to just sit down and watch something uninterrupted for a period of time at night once everything is done. You don’t lose momentum during the 50 minutes or so it’s on. Makes the story and my interest stronger and more involved.

Maybe I’m just old and I need or desire less in my life. I know I need less chaos and stress. And I’m working on it, slowly.

I think I like this. My new routine and I hope I can keep it up.

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