noun: friendship
    1. :  the state of being friendsthey have a long-standing friendship

    2. 2:  the quality or state of being friendly:friendlinessthe friendship shown him by his coworkers

    3. 3obsolete:aid

That’s the dictionary definition of friendship. It is interesting that it is a noun though. Friendship takes work, energy, time and desire. It relies on both parties to participate, otherwise it will just fizzle out and die.
Granted, we all have friends that we only talk to once in a while and it’s like no time has passed and that groove is just there and then there are those that you talk to often, share trust, pain, worries and joy, only to find out it’s really only one-sided.
It can be a bit of a game changer.
Question is, do you give up and let the friendship fizzle out, or fight for it?

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