Over the Rainbow

My youngest turned 7 recently and thank goodness she’s pretty easy to please decoration/theme wise. Plus, I’m not big on the whole themed birthdays. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll ask what kind of birthday they want and then take it from there, but I keep it simple, no planned activities, no people dressed as characters showing up and no gift bags (sorry, I don’t buy into this option) and honestly, the kids have a blast with a couple toys to play with and each other. At least mine do. Let their imaginations go and they will impress you!

This year, it was rainbows and since I’m a sucker for rainbow colors, I was having a ball and most importantly, Mad loved it!

First off, I let them decorate. I had plenty to do already, so I let them loose with the crepe paper. They didn’t disappoint! I’m sorry I didn’t get a pic of the back yard, but it was crepe papered to death.

The food provided followed suit. We kept it easy with just some snack food and veggies. Threw in some rainbow jello, which the kids were mesmerized by and voila! Let the party begin! Did you know they make Twizzler straws? I was maybe a little too excited about that find.

CAKE! I usually make the cake from scratch for birthday’s but I was pressed for time, so I got a vanilla cake mix per Mad’s request and then without her knowing, I divided it up and colored portions of it. Then just poured it into the pans in no particular design. It was fun to see how it would turn out. It looked pretty cool to at first glance.

Then came time for frosting. That I make from scratch, no exceptions. It’s wicked easy and tastes so much better then the jar stuff. I don’t even measure anymore, I just mix to taste and consistency, but the basics are butter, powdered sugar, vanilla and milk or heavy cream, which I use for extra decadence.

Does that not look insanely delicious? I may or may not have done many taste tests during the process. She wanted white frosting and a pink heart on the cake. Okay, easy enough. It’s her birthday, gotta get it right! The inside though was a bit more colorful with a layer of blue frosting between layers. Overall, it was a huge hit and disappeared quickly. Next time I’ll make a bigger cake. However, I do have some frosting left over and it tastes really good as a sweet dip for pretzels.

All in all, it was a great party. Fun was had by all and the kids went home happy and full of sugar. Even the parents seemed to have a good time just chilling while kids did their thing. Here’s to a great 7th year Miss Madeleine!

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