Year 40


So I’m posting, finally, in the Year 40 portion of my blog. I was dreading turning 40, unlike 30, which I was more than ready to see. 40 is hard. It’s like, oh great, I have to really be an adult now, age.


HA! Like that’s going to happen. I still feel like I’m this lost kid trying to find her way. Yes, I’m a parent, I have responsibilities, and yet, I still feel like my mom still has the answers. Sad, maybe, but perhaps I’m making up for all those years I didn’t think she knew anything?

On the other hand though, I feel more sure of myself. I feel like, okay, I got this. Throw it at me, I can take it, mentality. Considering 1 week before my birthday my husband asked for a divorce, I had to adjust. Life is fun isn’t it. Of course, that’s one hell of a way of getting out of buying a birthday present don’t you think?

But seriously, I feel more alive, sure of myself, despite this drastic change. It’s an adjustment, especially with 2 kids, but you do what you have to do and survive. I plan on doing just that. Luckily my soon-to-be ex and I are much better friends than partners and for that I’m grateful.


Sean and I just hanging out 2013

That picture was a few years ago, easier times. Oh well, onto another chapter. Let’s fire up that positive attitude, pull up my big girl panties and go tackle the world! There’s fun to be had and I intend to have it!

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